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Hi folks,

Just a hello and introduction from myself :)

The Mrs and I bought a Renault Megane Scenic 2.0 RXE Artic White 97R a few years ago and despite its problems, it was a great car (one such problem when we first got it was the battery terminal under the bonnet was loose and on one occasion decided to set itself off while filling up, very embarrasing). It also suffered a lorry reversing into the back of it, making a nice crease in the boot door. Since then, it made a horrible creaking noise when starting from cold, which gradually faded out.

It also suffered badly when the cambelt went. It took a few valves and associated gubbins with it. The engine never sounded the same, with a tinny noise.

The exhaust, despite various checks that there was no leakage, sounded like there was a bag of rusty nails in it.

Despite all the little problems, it drove okay and has pulled our caravan round the country (Suffolk, Somerset, Isle of Wight).

It was when one of the front springs went and me not having a clue about cars. The mrs went to work in her van, leaving me to tootle off in the car. I pulled it off the drive and heard a bang, so I got out and had a look to find the osf tyre completely flat. I pulled it very slowly back onto the drive and changed the tyre, chipping bone in my hand in the meantime when the wheelbrace slipped - that was bloody painful.

I then drove to work and got the tyre replaced. Then someone pointed out my car looked a bit lopsided. I pulled it into the workshop and sure enough, the spring had sheared off and I was told I was lucky to have driven it as far as I did without it puncturing the spare. It turns out that whilst I was reversing off the drive, the spring had punctured the sidewall of the original tyre.

So two new springs went on and tbh the car seemed to be falling to bits - it had to have a re-mot last time as one of the brake calipers had siezed. It was time for a change.

Both Mrs kenco and I decided we'd keep to the MPV style of car, we both liked the riding position, with a commanding view of the road. In our price range, we could afford either a Picasso or a newer Scenic. We decided to go for a Picasso and had a test drive in one, which was very nice. A 2.0HDI which was quiet as you like, with a nice smooth ride.

There were a few things we weren't keen on though. The display wasn't in the best position and the interior door handles looked like they wouldn't last five minutes, they felt, for want of a better word, crap.

Besides which, the dealer wasn't prepared to give us a good price for old car (£500!! taking the p or what?!) so we mulled it over and decided to have a look at a newer Scenic. Another dealer had a 1.9dci Fidji and it looked the part, the newer body style made it different enough to be new to us and better still, the dashboard and interior looked solid and well-made (unlike the rather cheap-looking Picasso). Things felt more.. tactile, I loved it from the off.

The dealer was happy to chuck us the keys, so we took it out although we didn't get far as the fuel light came on. Nevertheless we were impressed. A week later, we took our old two-tone in (white and rust) and took off in our spangly new car.

I've only been driving for less than a year, but there's one thing I noticed straight away - the gear changes don't like to be too quick! In the old Scenic, I could get all excited and literally charge my way through the gears pulling away from a standstill. The new one doesn't seem as smooth - not ponderous, as the power's there - I guess it just takes a little getting used to.

Thankfully it came with a towbar and single electric hookup, it *should* be better at towing, it has similar max towing and laden weights as the old Scenic but being a diesel I'm assuming it'll handle hills a lot better.

Anyway, I'm rambling on. This lot deserves to be in a livejournal or something.. :)

I'm glad I found these forums, although most of the posts relate to problems, I hope I never experience any, but if I do at least there's a good resource to search and what seem like a friendly, knowledgable bunch of people happy to help.

Thanks for reading..

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Hi there and welcome to the forums.

What a tale to relate - yet despite all the problems you experienced - you gave Renault another try (good for you).

I know what you mean about lots of posts regarding problems (some are car-related, most are dealer-related;) ), but there is a lighter side to the forums as well (as you've discovered), plus occasionally you get posts which inspire - like yours.

Not having driven either a petrol or diesel scenic, I can't comment on the gearchange quality (I'm sure someone will though), but I trust your luck will be better this time around.

All the best to you, and look forward to hearing more of your experiences in due course.


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Hello & Welcome to the Forums Kenco.

Quite a story there, Hopefully your newer car will give you years of trouble free motoring .

As paul has pointed out this forum is more than just a trouble shooting forum for Renaul owners, Join in where ever you can or want to.


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