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Please can some kind soul offer advice on this.

My wife's 2000 (X reg) Scenic RX4 has a strange and worrisome problem.

I started noticing a few days ago that the car was unlocked when I went to it. Odd, I thought - I'm sure I locked it and put it down to absent mindedness.

This morning (very early) my neighbour reported that the indicator lights were flashing for a period of time when she went out with her dog and again on return 20 minutes later. Again odd.

I checked the car and found no problem, although it was unlocked. Locked it again (I know my wife locked it last night as I saw indicators flash). Checked each door and front drivers door is not locking, although the rest are.

Roughly two hours later my wife noticed it was flashing again (although it stopped fairly soon afterwards). Again I checked the car and it was unlocked. Again I locked it and checked (all doors locked bar front drivers). I isolated the two key fobs and put them in a draw in the workshop at the back of the house (car parked at the end of a longish drive in the front of house).

An forty five minutes later, I went to the car again and it was unlocked.
Each time the immobiliser light was still flashing at the normal rate

I suspect that the problem is unrelated to the front drivers door not locking,

I've spent a fair time searching the forums with various phrases and gone a-hunting on the interweb and the closest I've come to it is the central locking reciever unit (possibly located in the dash) being damp and shorting (cling film may be my friend if that's the case).

My question is "Is this the likely cause of the failure and what else can I check before exercising my questionable mechanical skills" ?

I'll make a photo log of the solution (assumptions...) as I find that useful for myself when I undertake something like this and have found other photographic solutions here useful.

With thanks,
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