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Ian without looking at a picture of your engine, not a clue.
But if this is damaged then all can have all sorts of issues
whats damaged, the part that fits in, or just the connection .
Wont Delphi show anything for you, still not got Clip to work..
Would have messed until I got clip to work myself
Hi Stuart.

I tried for weeks to try get clip to work. I tried reinstalling about 50 time. Uninstalling installing. I set laptop to previous settings nothing. I tried to load another free version. But could not get it right.
Tried it on Scenic 2 again as it was working before. I am still on window 7.

Please see pics attached.


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Sorry Ian, had a touch of Man flu,
Are you worried about anything thats on your laptop

Have you ever heard of BootIt bare Metal
It allows you to partition the hard drive and put different operating systems on it ..

You can try.this First
Type regedit in the run box, click the regedit when it shows
Look for
Click this
Scroll down to Software
Now Scroll down to Sagem, and delete it.
This will then allow you to install Clip
You will need to make sure your Firewall is disabled .
Start with an Early edition of Clip ..
Dont forget to merge the registry file so your clip install thinks its a panasonic laptop
Install, register and go from there
As long as you dont use a registry cleaner, the next software version you use will just update ..

I have never tried on Win 7 normal, as we use win 7 ultimate

IF YOU are willing to start again, with a fresh install then its
Insert BootIt disk, Allow disc to install Reformat
Now partition, ( Divide your Harddrive size by 4 )
Make 4 partitions, Name 3 ( It will ask you what file system, use the drop down box to 7/7h HFFS/NTFS)
NAME them so you cannot make a mistake
Now insert flash drive and install OEM 7 32bit
Press install, accept license
Wait till the section comes up showing the 3 partitions you have created, and then press on the icon NEW
Install here.( Not on Your named Partitions )
The flash drive will fail first time, Dont panic, wait for first screen to show where you go to install
Now install on the one that windows has created, it will tell you system files already, blah blah just press yes .
When Installed and you start, go to computer and Delete OLD Windows folder
Install all operating drivers for your laptop
Go to Control panel , Disable Firewall, for public ( YOU will never use this on tinternet )

Install, Jave
Install Ultra Iso, Then WinRar, Install Pdf Creator, and Acrobat Reader ( DOWN NEED nothing else on that partition EVER )

Switch off, Re install Bootit disc, Allow it to run, then press reactivate Now delete the 3 partitions you created
Copy and paste your windows installation Once sorted you will have 4 partitions with 7 ultimate Installed on your Laptop

ONE is a master copy, ( You will never need to install a full operating system again )

You will see an Icon on the First screen of Bootit, Boot Edit
Click this, (Boot menu ) click Add
Another screen will open
IN Identify put in what you want, ( Renault works well )
Click down to Boot, right hand side of this, use the arrow to open the drop down box..
Find your partition you want to use, and click it
You will see whatever you clicked on as your Boot will go into the other section under HD 0
Click Ok then Click Ok an the screen that shows boot menu, That screen will close
Click Resume. click on the name you inserted in Identify
You laptop will boot into that partition,
Now you can install whatever you want ( Clip )

The other partition Delphi
The other Partition Tinternet enable Firewall settings , that one is the one you use for tinternet
On Clip And Delphi Disable Network settings
Sound like a plan, OR going "what the Tuck* LOL
Its easier than it seems.
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