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Has anyone had experience of the twin electric sunroofs 'jamming' on a 52 plate scenic ?

They seem to have a mind of their own - occasionally they will open - maybe part way or fully - but then dont want to budge.

There is a 'click' when you press the button - and they DO sometimes move, so I guess its not a fuse.

I have tried white grease on the track/runners - but doesnt seem to help.

I'm thinking maybe - battery too weak / wrong type to power them, hence stop and starting. (it doesnt seem to matter if engine running or not. They can both refuse to move for 5 minutes - then you can close them both at once)


Is there some kind of relay?

or.. a nightmare to fix / expensive and not worth worrying about (hope not:) )

Any guidence would be appreciated.


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Hi i would not say it is a fuse or a relay problem because if it was it would not work at all i would of thought,if i had to guess it would be a power problem i.e lose connection somewhere as it seems to be intermittent power one minute and then nothing the next it could even be a switch problem to be honest iam not sure but i hope i have helped a little,iam sure someone will help soon all the very best Donald.
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