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So here's the problem.

Grand Scenic 1.9Dci (2004)

NSR Electric window packed up, diagnosed the probem to be the 6 pin module.

Manged to get hold of a drivers door assembly with the 6 pin module'

Fitted the module to my exiting motor and tested it on the car.

When switched to up window went up but when switched to down window went also went UP.
Fitted motor to other side of car and it all works fine.

Problem with the switch I hear you say, so swapped switch to other side of car.... still the same problem.

So.... i thought may be there may be a a fail safe system that alway want to put a window up, may be some thing to do with motor now being out for a few weeks and car being locked with key, which want to put all the windows up, but cant because of no motor being there.

So.... disconected battery andthen tried agins (after reconnecting).

Now.... window goes up and down but only from the drivers door control. Back door control still the same.

Please, please help..... this is driveing me mad!
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