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I am at the crossroads with my 2004 Megane II hatch 1.9 DCI Dynamique - 100 000 Miles on the clock.

Recently had the turbo replaced, 1 injector and EGR - car still smokes and has got worse. Now hear a low-down whining noise when engine under load from around 1800 RPM which is not there when revving engine with transmission disengaged. Mechanic says noise not from the turbo - Could it be the differential?.

I might be able to get a complete, low-mileage 1.9 DCI engine and gearbox from an accident-damaged Scenic II.

Will this fit into the Megane II and will I need the complete ECU from the Scenic as well. Not too stressed if gearbox ratios are different.

If anyone can give some insight into the perils of an exchange like this I'd be very thankful.

PS - limited options here in South Africa as not too many 1.8 Megane II's at scrappies hence the interest in the Scenic option
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