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Hello Every one,

I have skimmed the FAQS and although I've seen similar symptoms, I've not seen anything as specific.

My Renault is a '54 Megane Scenic II 'rush' 1.6 Petrol

The car would sometimes have a bit of trouble starting first time in the mornings, but the second time you push the ignition button it would start fine.

Then one morning after no changes, When you start the car, it will run for ten seconds and then die.

It is not searching, it runs quite well for those first ten seconds and sounds okay, and then at the (roughly) ten second point it sounds like the fuel switches off and it dies.

Here is the thing though, if you keep the revs up past that point, for 20 seconds or so, then the car will be fine. It will idle fine and you can go off and drive it, pull up at a junction and it will idle with no trouble.. Turn it off and restart it though, even when hot, it will die after ten seconds.

I think there was maybe once when I tried it when the engine was really hot and it kept going, but usually even when the engine is hot, it will die after ten seconds if you do not touch the accelerator.

The engine light is not coming on, but I am going to try to connect my bluetooth code reader and phone app and will report what the findings here.

Many thanks

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Sounds as though the Throttle body wants cleaning..

Would check this first, then crank sensor tip, if throttle body does not cure all of the idle issues
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