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I’m new to this forum. I’ve got a Scenic iv tce - all great, but I’ve been trying to hardwire a next base dash cam today which has proved tricky.

Firstly, there’s no fuse chart in the car or in the manual... The fuses are pretty inaccessible without removing the glovebox, certainly not a roadside job - suspect this is why Renault didn’t bother with a chart.

I’ve done a bit of dismantling to get the cam wiring in - all has gone fine. The problem is that I cannot find a switched fuse - all seem to be constant, even the e-wins. I’ve been through the fuse box on a trial and error basis and cannot find any circuit that powers down with the ignition.

My question is, has anyone wired a dash cam into one of there and if so, which fuse did you use for a switched supply? Fuse box photo attached for what it’s worth.


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