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Hi all,

The car is a Scenic 04, 1.6 petrol automatic and now it's around 70K miles. I had my gearbox replaced 2 months ago (just 2 months after I bought this car), and it runs 800 miles since then. I have several questions and I really appreciate if anyone can shed some lights on them.

1. I just realized the replacement requires two check up at 500 miles and 6 months otherwise the guarantee will be invalid. It sounds it's already invalid... But my question is whether it's still recommended to go for the check up/service to make sure the gearbox runs OK in future?

2. After the replacement, I found the car is very difficult to run more than 70 mph especially when the road goes up. And the acceleration feels very slow especially in gear 4. Is this caused by the gearbox or do I need to go to Renault dealer to check the computer part? (Had not got chance to run on motorway before replacement). I had left-front ABS sensor replaced just after gearbox replacement, and it seems the error code of abs sensor module is still there (only show when connecting to computer check), will this be the cause of this problem?

3. The aircondition is not working since replacement, haven't had it checked yet. but the AC light is on, and the compressor doesn't kick in, will this caused by any incorrect connection of cable or fuse problem? Or this will be an actual compressor problem?

Thanks for taking a read!

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