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Hi guys you have all been great just wanted to ask what is the symptoms of a tension pulley seized on a Renault grand espace my boyfriend was told this is what's wrong with car it is an 04 2.0 auto grand espace thanks

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A few, depending

But power steering getting heavy at times
Alternator not charging correctly Aircon if fitted making a noise as its switched on,
Aux belt jumping around ( This comes off good bye engine )

First thing to do, grab hold of the auxiliary belt and pull it up, really pull it
Now start the car, with a torch have a look
If its the tensioner itself here,

If its the actual bearing inside the tensioner
THEN its gone, DO NOT pull on the aux belt
Drive it very very carefully and get it done immediately
The furthest distance you should drive it,,, if its the bearing is back to the garage if your other half is not able to do the job himself
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