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Hi this is my first post so hope it reads right
I have a 53 plate megane expression 1.4 petrol, as the engine warms up on cold mornings and the water temp gauge gets just past the first line on the gauge the engine jolts and the service and check injection message appears.
the Throttle is very racy as though in turbo mode (no turbo fitted)and drives like a sports car.
stopping the car and turning of the engine clears the problem and it will stay that way until the next cold start.
I have now noticed that the fault does NOT seem to occur when the weather is mild, and as it was mild today it worked fine.
Plugs are a nice light brown colour on the electrodes and all seem to be about the same resistance.
Have not noticed any drop in performance.
I have just got a code reader so will check for codes but your comments would be welcome please.
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