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Hi All
I have just bought a 2009 Modus Dynamiqe Auto and I have a conundrum.

The Renault web site says the normal schedule is 2 years.

My main dealer says Renault have changed the servicing regime.

My usual local garage looked it up on their service computer which recommends yearly.

My annual mileage is less than 5000 per year.

Which schedule is correct and which should I follow?


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To be honest it is well accepted in the motor trade that the 18,000 mile service intervals are much too long and Renault have introduced shorter intervals for some models. So to maintain any warranty I suggest you ask a Renault dealer for advice and also that it be stated in writing.

Personally I would recommend at least an oil and filter change at least evry 9,000 miles or every year whichever comes first.:)
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