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I hope someone will be able to help with my problem :eek:

I have a 2002 Renault Scenic 1.6 16V which has done just over 40,000 miles.

A few weeks ago I was pulling away from a roundabout and onto a dual carriage way. When I reach a sped of about 50mph there was an almighty shunt from the back of my vehicle and the gear box light flashed on the dashboard. It seemed like the car was stuck in third gear and the revs went up to 3000/4000 when doing about 50mph.

I pulled over turned the engine off and back on again and the light on the dashboard went out.

I pulled away and continued driving but when I reached the same speed 50mph there was another shunt ? I repeated the same steps as above to reset the light on the dashboard.

I pulled away agin but maintained a speed of around 30/40mph and made it home.

This same problem has happened a few times in the last week but only when I get to a certain speed.

It may sound strange but if the car is warm and has been driven for over 10mins I can drive the car at speeds over 50mph without any problems ?????

Any help or advise would be appreciated


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