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Now over the past few days in my Laguna II dci, I've noticed a loss of power when setting off from standing starts (at traffic lights for eg)... it's the like the engine is hesitating. Once in second gear - we're fine again.....

Then at 75mph on the motorway today, I noticed what felt like the engine was ever so slightly and just for a split second, losing revs (my foot hadn't moved on the gas pedal whatsoever). Literally, this would last a fraction of a second before it returned to normal, but then it would happen again a moment later, then again and again etc... Looking at the rev counter though, the needle didn't drop but the power was certainly "rocking." My passenger even felt it and said that she was starting to feel uncomfortable with the slight surge of power when it corrected itself.

When I then added a little more throttle it would stop, only for it to return when the speed stopped increasing.

Anyone any ideas what the problem could be? I must say I have noticed more of a 'hiss' coming from under the bonnet when under acceleration - rather than a whistle from the turbo. Is it possible there's a loose inlet hose to the turbo or a sticky EGR valve or something?? To be honest, I'm stumped, but I'm getting twitchy that the turbo is about to kick the bucket.

Thanks people!!
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