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I fitted a recon turbo but did not notice that the engine only had 1/2 pint of oil in it, after taking the turbo off again it has play in the shaft so i think no oil was getting to it. I replaaced the 1/2 pint of oil with the correct ammount of fully syn and new filter etc but it now smokes. the last owner had blown the old turbo and it had ran on its own oil for a short time before stoping. As you can see the turbo has no signs of damage (other than the play in the shaft) or oil contamination

The 1st and 2nd photos are of the cat... Turbo in and exhaust out, you can see oil in the 2nd photo because of oil from the last owners over run running on its engine oil.

so it sure has some oil in the cat and the exhaust but just how long dose it take to burn the oil out with running the engine at 3000 rpm? calnt go on the road yet as its not taxed insured etc. PS I WILL BE REPAIRING THE OLD TURBO

here are some photos and i think the last one is a video of the shaft play. :(

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