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I didnt know quite where to post this but thought it may help offer a possible cure for meganes that cut out.
I have a 1.6 and lent it to my sister in law who said it cut out on her 5 times each time she pulled up at a junction...and in one case refused to start.

It had been fine for me so i took a look and found that the wiring on the sensor that fits to the top left hand side of the inlet manifold was chaffing against the engine cover.

The wires looked ok on first inspection but when you look really closely its worn through and is "grounding" on the engine.

Of course if you pull out this sensor it cuts the engine so this is what was causing the stalling/non starting.

The wire is very thin and white and its nearly impossible to see it has actually worn away through the plastic sleeve....a quick tape over and now no problems so if you have changed every sensor in the car and still no joy its worth checking this.

I am not sure what the sensor is called but suspect its the Airflow sensor as i say on the top left hand of the inlet manifold as you are facing the engine.
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