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When it's cold car wont throws up both indicators and orange spanner on dash board with solid red light. But after turning key few times it starts. Also when driving the dash shows that all the doors are open and when they key is taken out the cars engine still runs. But goes off when car has warmed up. All this is every now and then and only when it's cold.

It's a 2008 1.2 petrol modus

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I suspect that this may be another iteration of what I am thinking of calling low battery syndrome.

Renaults and many other modern cars rely totally on the battery being fully charged and in good nick.
Low voltages, low power can and does confuse the poor wee beasty.
Often by throwing up random error messages as the sensors aren't getting the voltage they need and not giving proper signals as a result.
The other thing that they all do is go through a shut down routine, saving settings, shutting off various bits and pieces, enabling others. That takes power.

Given what you say, I suspect car is draining the battery in starting, starts but instead of the battery having a healthy voltage it is on the verge.
It then takes time for the alternator to recharge it.
If it hasn't when you switch off, it may not be able to shut down properly.
After the car has warmed up, a reasonable time to get some juice back in the battery, all is hunky dory.

Get your battery and charging system checked.
If the battery is at all in doubt, even if it seems okay but is over 4 years old
Swap it
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