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Hi all,
My wifes 99 clio grande has started to make a strange noise from the front, I say strange as it's hard to put a actual word to the noise - it has sounded like the brake pads are worn down to the metal (but doesn't do it when the brakes are applied and there's plenty of meat on them), it sometimes squeaks, it sounds like a CV joint knocking (but doesn't do it when you put partial or full lock on) and it comes and goes (some days it never does it other days it will do all the time).
when the noise is there it gets louder when you dip the clutch and free wheel, stopping when the clutch is re-engaged.
there is also a slight pull to the left if you let go of the steering wheel (although that may be just be an alignment problem)
looking at some of the forums posts it sounds like a CV joint or wheel bearing/s
Is there anyway of testing to see which is the cause or am I barking up the wrong tree.
any thoughts?

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