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hi all,

just bought a 2003 laguna 2.2 dci initiale, very lovely and really rather pleased with it, however, got some problems that i don't really understand, your forum info looks really good and i have already one potential solution to go and try in the next 15 minutes...

but, (it was cheap) here are some things i need hekp with like, now! lol

rear wiper doesn't work
front windows don't work
trip computer doesn't scroll through screens when pressing the reset stalk/button/whatever!
electric wing mirrors don't work
accessory/12v sockets don't have any power going through them
there is no cigarette lighter, or at least theres a cover over the socket - why no lighter, so i can use it as another 1v socket for phone, ipod etc...

these all seem to be electrical problems, the car is in pretty good tidy nick and doesn't in any way appear to have been abused.... is there a simple reset or summit that i can apply to some of these problems, seems that there are just too many to be isolated problems and maybe there's a master switch or master fuse that relates to this little lot!

your vastness of experience and knowledge is desperately needed.....

and does anyone have a n email address for av8er and his sat-nav discs that you all seem to rave about..... please, pretty please, go on..... huh? please?
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