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Sunroof motor seems keen enough, but when closing it is "bumpstopping" and winding back.
To close it yesterday I had to have two of up pushing from the outside using the fob's doublelock feature.
Even then we had to fight it trying to reverse back 3-4 times before it settled into closed position.
I thinking there must be crud blocking it, but I've cleaned it out with my compressor, wiped and lubed it and it's still being a B'.
Now (unless I've cleaned it wrong) I'm wondering if there might be crud in the gearing, or a broken cog.
Directions on correct cleaning are sought.
Are there PTO cables that might stick? what is the mechanism of the s/roof?
Directions on access to the motor and gearing are also sought.
Any advice you guys can give please?
Piccies are always of great help and appreciated.
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