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Hi, not sure where to begin with this one ! The actual wiper for the rear window is mounted on the glass - the motor mechanism is in the body of the tailgate.
The motor turns a reciprocating plastic disc which has a round hole near the edge, the interior wiper arm connects with this hole when the window is in the closed position via a round metal peg.
At least that is the plan but after 8 or 9 years the disc and/ or the peg don't seem to properly align/connect so I only get about 30 per cent sweep from the wiper.
There is no obvious ware on either component so I'm thinking either the motor mechanism mounts have altered or the relative position of the opening window has changed. When I align the wiper in it's proper position and close the window it works for one sweep then the disc and peg start drifting apart
If anyone has a solution I would really appreciate knowing about it the alternative seems to be trial and error tinkering.
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