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Fairy liquid, tho more expensive will wash more than twice the amount of cheapo liquid "x".

My own tyre wear,Im starting to get a bit confused.
Total mileage 14k over 22 months.
The problem is Ive been using 3 different sets of front tyres in that period :(.
My tyre switching and mileage notation hasnt been as exact as it should be.

Front wheels only, the rear ..there isnt enough wear between the tyre types to measure.

My 35 profile "cheapo" 20 in tyres have only been on for maybe 6000 miles of the 14kTheyve seemed fine to me wet or dry but are atm bubbling under 5mm in the centre and 4 mm at the sides.

Its not really an unequal wear thing.That differential was there from new.
Certain areas of the groove channels are starting to close up.
Due to the groove pattern of the tyres ,to maintain the original appearance they only have about 2 mm of wear from the original depth!.

The rears,of both types are hardly worn 1mm ish.

My hipower.over 100bhp!!! diesel is of course a factor! :)Actually its the torque stupid ;) even tho its not very powerfull in general,it has decent torque at low revs.

The 35 profile tyres mentioned above if Id been using them from new would I reckon be slicks at the edges or at least outside safety limits.

Im going to leave the 2 front tyres where theve been from day 1, ie not rotate them with the back and see how much longer they last,

At present rates its looking like 10k miles at the outside on the front..
When they are worn as far as I feel is safe above the marker limit,Ill chance another brand.(not £450 a tyre winter rated michelin a4's) just to see if a more expensive "liquid" will save money in the long run.

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I'm not sure how much wider these tyres are over 'standard', but one thinkg you will notice is that their performance in the wet will drop-off more rapidly as they wear.

This is simply to do with the tread's ability to clear a larger footprint of water.

It always surprises and amazes me to see wide (225-section tyres and wider) being sold second-hand with 2-3mm of tread, as although legal, they will provide next to no grip in wet conditions.

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my originals 195 on 15
original optional fitments 205 on 16 and 215 on 17.

As per what you pointed out before Paul ,the wheel width and tyres arent woo wide, to reduce the unsprung weight change.

The compound seems to be grippy,ie it looks rough which is fine,but as also mentioned above: The water channeling ,the grooves are getting closed off now at the edges of the block cuts because the cuts are sloped..
Yeh needs pics I suppose :( but the tread pattern will definitely be changed long before the wear limit.
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