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Been searching the forums for a while and haven't came across symptoms the same as mine, so thought it might be worthwhile to post, whilst getting a few answers myself.

On Sunday I drove all day with no problems, pulled up at a friends, within an hour or so came back out and my Clio 1.2 16v was suddenly in limp mode, earlier in the day I had an engine management light come on but it went off soon after moving.

My car was revving constantly at 2000 rpm and was getting hot very quickly (smoking at one point as the exhaust below was glowing!), a friend seemed to think it was the sensors around the throttle pedal and so we unhooked the battery, cleaned and checked the sensors, reset and straight back into limp mode it went.

After getting it towed to a few garages who 'couldn't touch it' in the end, had to goto the dealership for a full diagnostics (£85). This came up with the Throttle Body being screwed and the modified loom needing replacing, needless to say they are charging over £700 for the privilege. (£500 parts/ £200 labour)

Question's I have are, I read about the Loom becoming degraded over time with it not taking much to push it on it's way. I had my clutch replaced a month or so ago.... would this have finished off my Loom? Does the loom if broken then throw out the alignment of the throttle? Is it likely I'll need to replace anything else soon?

Not clued up 100% on some engine parts so sorry for the questions.

I had no symptoms beforehand, car was running perfectly, no warning lights, no sluggishness... Can it go so quickly?


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