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You can tint all your windows if you so wish, apart from the windscreen of course :forehead: :rofl:.

However, there has to be a certain amount of natural light that can be registered through your front driver and passenger windows, 75% I believe.

As most modern cars already have a certain amount of tint to their windows from the factory, any after market tint you apply will probably breach the tolerance for the front windows.

IMHO, it's always best to leave the front windows and tint the rear much as you like :)

EDIT: Just found this from the VOSA site;

"Stopping drivers

Both the police and VOSA are now stopping vehicles with tinted windows and checking the Visual Light Transmission (VLT) through
windscreens and side windows. If the light getting through is less than is legally required, the driver may be prohibited from using the vehicle until the tint is removed. Motorists who don’t rectify the problem may be prosecuted. The legal limits for window tinting are a minimum of:

● 70 per cent VLT for side windows (front)

● 75 per cent VLT for windscreens on
vehicles first used after April 1985 and

●70 per cent VLT for those first used prior
to that date."
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