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Hello all, it is with a heavy heart that I pass on the following information just sent to us:

To whom it may concern,
I'm not sure if Noel (my dad) ever gave notice, but in Feb 2018 he began surgery to remove metastatic cancer from his bladder. Both me, his daughter, and loving wife, Lorna, looked after him until his eventual passing on Oct 31st, eight months later in a hospice. From a young age he raised me in the garden garage to help repair cars, and taught me a lot about engineering and thrifty mechanics & household repairs to save time and money. The man was a wealth of experience and knowledge, and his last words to me about sharing this wisdom was to "pass it on".
He always spoke to me about this website with passion; a retired mechanic but never at rest from helping others, including the neighbours at any opportunity and no expense. He never made a real profit from his years as a mechanic but he left a long lasting legacy to us, his kin.
A true gent, always, helpful and determined, his favourite term for the old Record vise on his workbench was "a third hand is always needed"
I felt this an apt and poignant thing. A loving dad and husband, always here, never gone.
Sorry it's taken so long to get in touch, but I never knew if he put his affairs in order on this site.

Thanks for honouring him with the moderation title you so greatly bestowed, and best wishes for the site's continuation.

Stephanie Mason.

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I was not in the position of super mod when Noel was..but did notice his abundant knowledge on all things mechanical..many thanks for letting us know..R.I.P mate and god bless you.. :) my condolences go out to the family..sorry for your loss..馃槩

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Such sad news. RIP Noel. :(

I remember Noel fondly, I admired his technical knowledge on Renault's and learned a lot from him.

Many thanks for your years of sterling service and many, many helpful posts and input on the forum
both as a regular member and later as a super moderator.

You're wisdom has been missed for a while on the forum and always will be missed going forward.

Not sure what else to say apart from.. caveat emptor (buyer beware) his favourite saying.

RIP mate.

Thanks for passing this on and letting us know VS Canada.

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Sad news

Helped me when I first joined ,

Rest in Peace Noel
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Noel was always a regular poster when I joined.
And one that could be relied on to give advice that was worth thinking on.

Rest in Peace Noel, you have been missed, your wisdom has not been there for a while but remains in many threads and will continue to guide many to come.

I'll raise a glass to you tonight.
My thoughts go out to your family and my thanks to Stephanie for letting us know.

And to VS Admin for passing on the sad news.

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Noel helped me out several times when I first joined, not only with my Renault's but with issues on 'old girl' too.
'A real motor' he would call her .

My thoughts are with the family.


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That is very sad news. When I first joined Noel was one of the first to offer his advice for my problem. His knowledge on other non-motoring topics and sense of humour was also noteworthy too. He has left a big footprint on this forum.
I too offer my condolences to his family.

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"A true gent" sums up Noel very well. He rarely left a problem unanswered or at least with some idea of where to look next. As a super mod he was never afraid to speak his mind and always had the forums best interest at heart. It is very sad to hear of Noel's passing but I know he fought hard for a long time. May he rest in peace, he will be missed by many here but fondly remembered.

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A true gentleman. Wherever you might be now, I'm sure you will keep those wheels turning.

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RIP Noel.

You fought the good fight but cancer is so cruel.

Condolences to the family.

馃懠 :cry:馃懠
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