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Is there some magic code to make these damn things work!. I searched for tutorials etc and nothing gives any proper instructions. I'm in Ireland and you are supposed to be able to put in the post code and it will bring up the address. Never worked.
I tried looking for addresses and you need to know exactly what townland that they are in. Again each town can have several townlands many of which you will never have heard of.
I've used several Garmins and google maps and never had as much frustration as this piece of s**t Tom Tom.

Can anybody direct me to a decent tutorial that can show me how to use this chocolate teapot.


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Don't know if it is anything like the sat-nav in the Clio, but it doesn't seem to like me typing in the full postcode, when I start the postcode a list of those it "recognises" comes up and I pick the right one/nearest one from that and add the address below......

I haven't used other sat-nav's, and don't use the Clio one much either, unless I'm somewhere I don't know, so it's often a bit awkward for me too. 馃お

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My Clio Mk 4 MediaNav 1 maps work like that. I updated the firmware to 4.1.0 (latest at time of writing) but it鈥檚 still the same.
However, they are still the original maps from 2013. I only got the car late February this year. Initially I couldn鈥檛 even use the satnav as the 鈥楢gree鈥 button was disabled. The firmware update sorted that.
I wonder if I do pay the 拢 to get the latest maps that I will also get the ability to search address by full postcode?
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