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ive got sum minor chips and a few scratches in my paintwork, so i thought id phone chipsaway and just see how much he would quote me.
he said i would be better off getting a touch-up pen from renault and doing it myself.
so, are these pens available from renault and how easy are they to use? also, do you get a good finish using them?

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Hi there, I run my own S.M.A.R.T. repair business (similar to Chips Away), and regularly have to carry out this type of repair.

Firstly, these paints are available from Renault (they come as part of a kit, with lacquer if your car has a metallic finish).
In terms of how easy they are to use - here are a few pointers;
  1. Don't work in the wet. If there is any rust starting to form, clean around this area until you reach 'clean' metal - you can apply a product such as KURUST which converts the rust into an inert primer base.
  2. Don't make the repair area too large - keep it as small as possible - you want a robust repair, but not one that is noticeable from a distance.
  3. Give the paint a good shake-up to suitably mix it.
  4. Remove the brush and using the opened-up end of a paper clip, place a small amount of paint on the end, then carefully apply to the chip/scratch and work your way along.
  5. Keep freshening up the paint on the brush by re-inserting it into the tube and shaking it. This prevents the paint getting a skin while you are still applying it. Keep cleaning the tip of the paper clip.
  6. Allow the paint at least an hour between coats if more is needed. Apply the lacquer (if applicable) using this method.
  7. After a couple of days (at this time of year) since the last coat was applied, you can lightly use some wax polish to blend in the repair with the rest of the panel.
This will (if patience is taken) give a good result - be realistic with the end result - it won't necessarily look 'perfect', but it will be an improvement, and should be to a standard whereby if a total stranger looked at your car (without knowing there was damage to it), they wouldn't be able to spot it.

Hope this has helped you.

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