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I have a renault scenic rx4 with an 02 number plate. The toxic fume monitoring warning light flickers on and off and when it does the car runs very badly. For some reason it is particularly bad up hill.

Having read the posts on this forum it sounds like this is due to one of the pencil coils failing.

What is strange is that the car has recently been repaired following a minor disagreement with a bollard, this involved knocking out a dent in the n\s wing and respraying.

When the car was taken by the bodyshop it was running fine. When returned it was misfiring and this light was coming on. The repair centre took the car back but claimed they could not find a fault and are attempting to wash their hands of it.

What I am trying to find out is whether this is just one of those coincidences or if possibly there is something that they might have done to cause this problem?

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