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I replaced the front (drivers side) wheel bearing in my W reg 2.0ltr 8valve Laguna Sport today

Every thing to do with the hub and bearing went ok but I had a problem removing the steering rod ball joint nut

Without really thinking about it I snapped the ball joint without unscrewing the nut past the nyloc ring, and then could not remove the nut because the screw just rotated with the nut and I couldn't clamp it back in to turn it

Subsequently I had to use a nut splitter to remove it

Everything is now fitted back in place ok but my selection of spare nuts don't seem to match the one removed

Could someone tell me what the nut size is, so I can get the right size of die to clean it from work and replacement nut, or if it is a standard metric one then maybe the screw thread is damaged and do you think I should replace the steering rod as well

cheers in advance

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I think(from memory) that the thread should be standard metric,so I would think unless you have been very careful,you may have damaged the thread with the nut splitter.
There are thread restoring files available that I have used personally,and as long as you use the right side(they come as multisided/multithreaded types) then they are excellent.If the worst comes to the worst,then a new track rod end isn't expensive and should come with a new nut,BUT you will need to have the tracking checked after replacement.
If you live near Dorset,you are more than welcome to borrow my thread restoring tool!

If you do manage to repair the thread,use a locking type nut again,otherwise it could(and should) fail the MOT.
Hope this helps.
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