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Trafic FAQ

Please note that this section is read only

Welcome to the Trafic FAQ, a collection of links pointing users straight to the answers for commonly asked questions

Please use the contents box on the right of the page to view the various sections of this FAQ

[BREAK=Trafic M9R 2.0 dCi Timing Chain]
Trafic 2.0 dCi M9R Timing chains are allegedly a "Fit for Life" item. Unfortunately the "small print" deems this to be 100,000 Miles (160,000 Kms).
Should this fail, the result is catastrophic, in damage to both the engine & wallet.
The pictures show the damage to my 146,000 mile engine, in which, I consider myself to be lucky, as it was changed before timing was lost.
My bill was just over £1000 (04/2016 Including Aircon regas & Gearbox oil change as extras).
Had this been done before 100,000 it would have been about £500.
The perceived wisdom, Should the chain fail, is that the engine is beyond economic repair. Worst case:- 4 Injectors, set of Valves, machining, Gaskets, oil, Oil Pump, labour £2600 - £2800 est
My engineer will only fit Genuine Renault parts. (Timing chain Kit £150 + Labour, 2016 Price).
Kit includes a new tensioner & oil feed, which over time gets blocked, accelerating chain wear.
Tell tale signs. A whistling noise as chain runs catch each other. A rattle on start up, till oil gets round.

Pic 1, Shows the damage to the chain & Sprocket.
Pic 1.jpg
Pics 2 & 3, Show damage to the Oil pump caused by the broken sprocket teeth dropping into the sump & being "eaten" by the gears.
pic 2.jpg pic 3.jpg
Pic 4, Is the Bill !! I didn't feel lucky that day :frown2: Notice the warning (bottom left, about possible undiscovered damage).
Pic 5, Is a close up of the Sprocket damage.
pic 5.jpg

Advice For MkI Diesil Engines

General Information

Trafic, Second generation (X83; 2001–2014)
1.9 Engine F9Q Also in Laguna, Megane & Scenic.
2.0 Engine M9R (2006 Onwards) Also in Nissan Qashqai, Nissan X-Trail, Mégane, Koleos and Laguna.

Known Faults
Air Bag light Faults usually caused by Underseat Connections.
Clutch Pedals sometimes Stick down, Gungy or worn Master Cylinder.
Scuttle drains need regular clearing to prevent water damage.
Engine faults can often be traced to frayed / damaged wiring from historic incorrect reassembly.
Engines Last longer, if Oil is changed at half the recommended service Mileage.
Charging / Steering problems, arise from Auxiliary belt, or in some cases Power Steering pump failure.
Poor starting (slow to turn) is often a corroded earth strap between body & Engine.
Re-circulate (heater) not working, is down to water in the motor found under the heater assembly (under bonnet)
There are 3 Fuses on the +Ve terminal, If the FAT one blows, suspect Starter motor.
Non start- Check squeezy ball inside O/S/F wing & fuel filter seating for air leaks. Filter Housings sometimes crack

Regular Oil Changes IMPORTANT. Exact Oil & Level is Crucial (Special level tool required).
Up to the level plug is TOO Much & causes problems.
Lack of Gearbox servicing shortens bearing life.
Floppy Gear lever & loss of gears, is usually a cable end worn & fallen off. £10 cures this.

Where Things Are Located
Fuse box in the cab, is found by pulling the passenger cup holder off.
The Battery is found under the passengers feet.

How To Replaceg Renault Trafic Brakes 'o5

How To Remove Trafic Scuttle Panel
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