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Hi Guys
here is the news
- rear parking sensor error
the van is factory fitted with a tow bar
apparently the ball on the tow bar interferes with the sender and drives it crazy
so the ball is removed until it is really needed

- adblue level not registering
they tested the meter and found nothing
they measured the refill and it needed 500 ml after 3000 km driving which is also nothing
the next step is to drive 3000 more and see if it is using the correct amount of adblue

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Hope Its not a towball that you have to use spanners on, tell them take a running jump if it is..
If you think its an easy job, fitting a towball, go outside, and see how long it takes...
Now do this everytime you use a trailer, putting on and off, if only 3(= 6 )times a year, who is paying for new bolts, spring washers, nuts...

Just my thoughts..
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