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Hello everybody,

Since I'm new here let me first introduce myself.
My name is Lucas and I'm from Holland.
I own a 2001 Renault Twingo 1.2 16V, a 1995 Volvo T-5R wagon, a 1956 250cc DKW motorcycle and a 80's water cooled Suzuki TS50 geared moped.

I signed up here since the Dutch Renault boards are dead as a fish and there seems to be no knowledge whatsoever.
This forum on the other hand is very active and there some good info to be found here.

I am having some throttle related problems with my 16V D4F Twingo.
After some time it goes into limp mode (error light comes on, no response from the throttle and high idle) and throws codes: P0220 and P0225.
I narrowed the problems down to a very specific situation:
  • After the engine is warmed up (after driving about 15ms city and highway).
  • Only at slight throttle openings (in city driving, low speeds) and when there's lots of throttle variation (accelerations, heavy traffic, traffic lights).
  • It never occurs while driving on the highway (50mph and above, steady throttle).

How can I further narrow it down to either the throttle body or the electronic pedal?
I've read the connectors on these cars are not the best quality and might need to be cleaned?
Maybe it just needs the throttle body end positions to be reset (whats the sequence for this?).

Thanks guys!

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I'd say you need to get a Renault speaking scanner and monitor the throttle pedal input signals ............ I am betting you will find issues here.

Without a scanner enabling you to actually look at what is happening you can spend many hours and tons of money on useless items
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