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Please check the video linked.
The car is 2005 Megane HB 1.6 16v.
Do you think it's lover ball joint or tie rod ends? Or maybe something else? The car makes similar noises when I turn the steering wheel.
Also I think the upper struts are gone on one side since the car is pulling to the left even after Laser wheel alignment(multiple times in different shops) Steering wheel also likes to turn left all the time. If the road is banked to the left even a little, I have to fight with steering wheel to keep it straight.

My mechanic says the ball joints and tie rod ends are fine but I'm not sure. He only made me replace anti-roll bars(drop links) and inner tie rods

Another note: I replaced lover transmission mount with a very cheap part. Can it make such kind of noise?
VIDEO: Streamable - free video publishing
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