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Okay so my windescreen washers have stopped working. I put a pin through the nozzles still no luck so I thought I’ll just buy some new ones, still didn’t work. I detached the tubes from the nozzles and ran the washers the water comes through absolutely fine, I can hear the motor too. I’ve ran it until it’s empty (with the tubes off the nozzles) and filled it right up but still no luck. Just hoping someone can help.
Could a weak motor be an issue? It definitely still works but maybe it’s not got enough power?
I've literally blown through the nozzle with my hand over the end where the water is supposed to come out and the air comes through powerful so it’s definitely not blocked

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Surprised this hasn't been answered. Had this on my 2004 quite a while back. It's due to a rubber thing inside the motor getting too big. Here's the fix from Cliosport I used successfully . The hard (not too hard if you have the right tool I guess) is getting the wipers off. Having done this again recently and burred the end of the wiper spindle (thread on here) you're probably best getting a wiper removal tool.

Here's the How To;

Windscreen washers not squirting or squirting bad

First you have to check if the motor is working, to hear that whining noise that is. If it's not then you might have a bad fuse if you're lucky.

IF the thing it's running then you'll have to take it off- this requires the wiper arms to come off, scuttle panel, wiper linkage mechanism and finally you'll get to unscrew the washer liquid bottle and unplug the hoses and remove the motor (I always forget which one it is of the two but it's easy to tell).

Now comes the tricky part: there is a small barrel with two nozzles (where the hoses attach): this thing you'll have to pull carefully out of the motor and then try your best to take it apart without braking the thing.
Inside you'll see a small cylinder in which a rubber thing that goes through and it's a little longer both sides (about 1,5-2mm extra).

This is what all the fuss is all about. You'll have to shorten this rubber both sides by cutting about 0,5-0,7 mm at each end (don't know exactly why this works but it does). This operation will allow this assembly to slide from side to side as intended to, and spray liquid either on the windscreen or in the back.
After trimming it check for residues inside and mount everything back together. Don't forget to do a test run before mounting panels, wipers and stuff back.
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