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I am new to the forum so hello to all.

I have a '99 Master van with 2.5 diesel (non-turbo) & 5 speed box.

First the weird bit.... Two years ago I started having problems selecting first & second. The selector would not go across to the gate. This got worse over the months until it was happening 50% of the time. Lots of slipping clutch & carefully planned journeys later, I had to estimate for a job that involved going up a really steep hill. Knowing that I might not make it, I took a chance & halfway up managed to get second, then down to first with a brief wheelspin & crawled to the top. Since then, and for the past year I have had no repeat of the problem!!! Any ideas?

More recently I have had a problem selecting reverse. This has got worse & for some time I could only get reverse by jumping forward in first, braking & at the same time - slamming into reverse. After a few goes it would work, but I got a lot of strange looks!

I tried a new gear lever assembly with no success. Last week I took it to the garage who replaced both selector cables, charged me £110 now I cannot get reverse at all. I can get to the reverse gate by the jumping forward & looking like I can't drive method, :eek: but once into the gate it does not engage the gear.

The gearbox is not noisy, so I don't think it is a bearing problem & I don't want to spend a fortune on a new box if I can avoid it.

Any help or suggestions would be very much appreciated.

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Hello & Welcome to the Forums Discus.

I'm sure a more Technical Member will be able to assist with your post shortly.


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