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hi everyone,

new to the site, im from germany and currently drive a BMW :d no jokes needed :p besides that im looking at buying an old renault clio I, its a 96 and has 130tkm on the clock and its running good. the only issue is that the front springs and shocks need to be replaced. otherwise its in good condition from what the seller told me

are there any specific things i should watch out for or check before i buy it ? i will see the car and drive it tomorrow and i have good knowledge of cars and where to check for rust and etc. but maybe there is something specific .

let me know id appriciate it !

i really like the clio and the style and though of converting it to a possibly track car let me know if you have any hints or tips, i have no idea about renaults and dont have a clue what engines there are etc.

i saw that there are the 1.8 rsi engines wich i assume can be swapped pretty easily over in a regular clio. besides that are they hard to find ? and how much do those usually run for ? i will definalty need more power out of this little sucker before it can zip around the ring so im looking for possibilites etc.

thanks alot !!!

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