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I have an old Clio 1.2 8v 56-reg, that has seen better days.

Before I seek to repair and/or sell the vehicle, would someone please be able to tell me what type of alloy wheels I currently have on the vehicle?

I have a recollection that I fitted these from another Renault model and at the time these alloys were quite sought after by collectors. I believe they may be worth more than the car itself, (one can live in hope). It's been 10 years since I first got the car, so I have forgotten!


I wanted to check where these alloys have come from and if there is any value in refurbishing and selling them.

Basically I need to know if I should:
  1. Refurbish and resell the alloys separately.
  2. Sell the alloys separately without a refurb (depending on cost).
  3. Sell alloys with car, (they aren't worth anything).
If I can get them to someone that will enjoy them, rather than the scrap heap then that is a small win!

I'd welcome your opinion and advice.

Many thanks,

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would sell them with the car. less hassle. If you refurbished them and sold them with good tyres you might get £250-£350. But you would have to buy a set of steel wheels and tyres or similar to replace them. My daughter's clio needed ONE wheel (it was porous and leaking) and I managed to find a set of five alloys with tyres for less than a new wheel. Kept the best and sold the rest individually for more than I paid. All I'm saying is "it's a weird market place". Anything can happen if you have the time.
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