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my cam belt has gone and someone has told me that all 16 valves in the engine are bent and need replacing so according to this oerson is will cost from £800-£1000

please let me know if anyone can do cheaper and in the next 2 weeks as i am on holiday and need my car to get there

please help

i livein south london near croydon


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The someone who told you must have xray eyes as it needs stripping to find out how many valves are broken and what other damage has been done.

We don't know what car you have, if you want it repaired the price will vary a lot depending what car you have.

You would get it done cheaper at an independant garage rather than a Renault dealers.

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Its a tricky one to call, just what to do when this happens.

To get a full stripdown, you minimise the cost of parts you will need to replace, but you drive up the labour cost.

What I would take into account would be the following;

  1. What was the condition of the engine before the cambelt failed? How many miles had it covered? Was it using oil? etc.
  2. How quickly did you switch off the engine after the cambelt snapped?
These will indicate if the engine is worth salvaging, and how bad the damage is.

You also need to shop around for labour costs, and agree prices beforehand, some garages will view this as an open wallet, as you really won't be in a position to take your car elsewhere, once its been dismantled.

If it were me, I'd probably shop around for a good, sound engine with a warranty - it'll probably cost a similar amount in the long run, plus you'll get the car back on the road quicker.

Hope you get it sorted out - I would also get the cambelt changed on the replacement engine (if its not a reconditioned one).

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