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My 2001 Clio 1.2 16V, would not start, had the yellow warning light on and the coil light, also making a really weird sound when I tried turning it over.

The RAC were called and carried out a diagnostic test,which showed up two codes P0606 and P0500
(Power Train module & Vehicle Speed Sensor), this sounded an expensive Renault Dealer job.

I had found this website previously, when experiencing intermittent starting problems and changed the TDC sensor, which cured the problem, until now. I looked on this site again to see if anyone had the same starting problems I was now experiencing, and came across the thread from Louis Cherion about the Black security cage that wears away the wiring beneath it.

As it seemed a very common problem, I decided to look at this box. To my horror the box was very loose and when lifted you could see the wiring had started to wear badly and had been shorting out i.e the weird sound when trying to start the car.

My partner and I carried out the instructions as posted by Louis (which did take a good few hours, especially trying to remove the lid of the cage), when the moment of truth came I turned the car over and it started immediately, the yellow warning lights had also disapeared. Left the car over night, thankfully it started again first time this morning.:d

I can't thank Louis enough for taking the time to post this info. on the forum, and strongle recommend, anyone who is experiencing these problems, to look at the wiring beneath the black box, before spending hundreds of pounds at the Dealers.

I would be grateful if someone could supply the address/e-mail of VOSA or Renault UK as I would like to contact them and inform them also, of the problems experience. As this problem is already known by them and Renault, I think the more drivers who contact them about this the better. These cars should have been recalled, what does it take for them to realise how serious this problem is, a car catching fire or someone being seriously injured!:(

Thanks again Louis, you saved me loads of money, will look on this site again if I experience any further problems, that's if I keep the car, losing confidence in it!!!

Anyone suggest a small economical car, that is RELIABLE!!!!!


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