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Well, I have my Megane Coupe - and love it.

However, I noticed that everytime I turn, there's a knock knock knocking sound. This only happens while I'm on the gas (if I coast, it doesn't seem to be there), and it's not only at full lock. I've tried it both ways, but the sound is more prominent when turning left, but is still there when turning either way.

I've had a local garage look underneath and they reckon it's the track rod ends. I'm just throwing this out there as I'm not 100% sure - and I don't want to fork out the money to get them done only to find out it was a driveshaft all along!

I'm going to try and record the sound over the next couple of days and whack it on You Tube to see what you guys think.

In the meantime, any ideas?

Many thanks guys!

Noel :d
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