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Hi Guys

I would like to know your views regarding this product.

I have already used a can 2 weeks ago and drove to Wales and back, , the Diesel Scenic has always been very smooth and quite, I did manage to get to Hafan Y Mor from the Midlands going through the National park (Snowdonia) and bala lake with the car fully loaded and still managed to get 49.7 mpg.

Maybe the difference is better mpg.

I have also got a can of this.

I'm planning on putting 1/4 of a can in the blackbird then the rest in the Merc, will wait until I've had the service/mot done 1st.

There is a challenge you can take:-

The Challenge….
After you are 1/3 of the way through that tank of fuel, remove the spark plug again and shine a torch down the spark plug hole and re-check the condition of the top of the piston. You will notice that much of the carbon is removed and that you will clearly see signs of a cleaner piston and without deposits. After 1/2 to 3/4 of tank of fuel, all you will see is a clean piston with no carbon deposits. We were even able to read the part/serial number on the top of the pistons in our test vehicles! Not only does it thoroughly clean the entire fuel system but it also removes all carbon deposits.

But I can't get to the plugs in the Merc let alone see inside.

Replies much appreciated.
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